Alex Bau

Alex Bau

„The whole party is like a movie, and while you guys on the dancefloor are the mainactors, I am just delivering the soundtrack...“ We could tell you stories about glory and fame for ages. How great his far more than 100 productions and remixes for labels like Credo, CLR, Sino and many others are. That he is touring the globe from Buenos Aires to Tokyo. That he has got the ability to rock a small crowd in a place like, let`s say Tresor, as well as playing „music for the masses“ on events like Loveparade, Nature One or Rave on Snow.

No matter if inside or outside, warm or cold, day or night... That he has been voted amongst the best DJ`s in Germany for a couple of times. Blablabla... Or we simply take a look on a small excerpt of what people say who have been able to experience Alex` definition of „Gringotechno“ :-)

"The biggest thank you for a wonderfull, playful, inspiring, mind blowing and heartfelt set that is among the most brilliant things my feet, heart and brain has ever been moved to... Come back please! Love" (Stockholm, Sweden) … "You are number 1!" (Frankfurt, Germany) … "the for the great set @ Club Cembrankeller. Brilliant!!!!" (Linz, Austria) … "moa, how crazy! We gotta repeat this :D" (Cologne, Germany) … "We hope your return!!!" (Mexico City, Mexico) … "dude, it was amazing to have you play our party!!!" (New York, USA) … "amazing set last night in basel! :D" (Basel, Switzerland) … "I am so overwhelmed in a positive way, now you got one more fan :P" (Stuttgart, Germany) … "Ciao I liked your live set at Rashomon club in Rome! It was full of groove! Respect for your professionalism!" (Rome, Italy) … "Amazing set mate!" (Eindhoven, Netherlands) … "What a show in Vienna last night !" (Vienna, Austria) … "you saved my night!" (Leipzig, Germany) … "Hey Alex, one of the best sets on Nature One this year." (Frankfurt, Germany) … "jaaaawoooolllaaaaa what a burning set at Tresor last night, again again again!" (Berlin, Germany) … to be continued...