Arjuna Schiks

Arjuna Schiks

Arjuna was born and raised in Amsterdam. With parents who own a New Age shop, Arjuna was always surrounded by New Age, Meditation and world music. The first time he got really inspired was at the age of 8 when he heard the ambient record ‘Sounds of the Heart’. At the age of 15 he really started to go to proper dance events. Artists like Anthony Rother, Orbital, Richie Hawtin and Johannes Heil were the last push to start a career as a producer and triggered the melodic sounds in all his music. Throughout the years he made all different kinds of tracks. His style varies between ambient, tech-house, electro and even modern classical (film) music.

His sound is characterized by a very melodic and mainly warm electronic vibe. During his steamy sets he will take you on into a dreamy yet energetic level. Richie Hawtin versus Ambient and Johannes Heil versus Philip Glass. This is Arjuna Schiks.

In the year 2007 he was in the finals of the ‘Grote Prijs Van Nederland’ one of the biggest producers contests of the Netherlands. In 2008 Arjuna won the Vinylized -most talented producer of the year- award! For this reason he released his first EP on vinyl on All is One Records. The critics praised his first record: Quote 365 Mag (9 out of 10 points for the Afterbelle EP):

“The Afterbelle EP is simply a must have EP if you’re into whatever kind of house. In fact, if you wanna know how tomorrow’s electronic music sounds like, then make sure to drop by your local record shop tomorrow and buy this one. This is music that matters.”

Arjuna has been performing live at: Mystery Land, Dance Valley, Valtifest, Loveland, Chemistry, Lief festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, Paradiso, FFWD Parade, All is One, Studio80, Fire, Winkel van Sinkel, Amsterdams Glorie, Twstd, The Getaway, Westerunie, Gasten zonder Grenzen, Pozerscene, de Bunker, Stubnitz, Club Up, Club 8 and many more.

Arjuna composed and produced music for the tv-commercial of the fashion brand Diesel (DSL 55) 2008 and for fall/winter fashion show during the Amsterdam Fashion week 2007. Also Arjuna is working in the studio at several co productions with ISIS (a.k.a. dj 100% ISIS). His first record release, which is a collaboration with Willie Wartaal (Jeugd van Tegenwoordig), was a big hit. Their track ‘Konijntje’ was in the Top 5 hit in Holland and Belgium.

In 2009 Arjuna was rewarded for one of the 9 most talented producers of 2009 by DJ Broadcast, one of the best and serious dance magazines of Holland.

In that same year he released a remix on Trapez (GER), made a remix for Deadmau5 and released and EP on Team Records which was supported by Laurent Garnier.

Quote from the independent music journalism site Alt Sounds for his first Deadmau5 remix:

“From the off, it becomes rapidly apparent that this is to be one of the better remixes of All You Ever Want. In the traditional sense of keeping the best ‘til last, Netherlands’ electro / house specialist Arjuna Schiks adds a European feel which enhances the track tenfold. The fresh usage of poly rhythms, what sound like reverse hand claps (typically European at the moment), stuttering beats, heavy synths, modulated melodies and complicated layering combined make for a very interesting listen that puts a modern and current spin on an outdated sounding original.

In all, I can’t see the Deadmau5’ radio edit being hailed as a modern Ibiza classic, but although this almost certainly wasn’t originally the plan, this release has showcased Arjuna Schiks as a promising producer with the ability to mutate a forgettable track into a house hit.

If he can make ‘All You Ever Want’ sound this good, just imagine what else he can do….”