Aron Friedman

Aron Friedman

House has always been a feeling for Aron Friedman. Playing an active role in Amsterdam’s nightlife for nearly a decade – as a deejay, promoter, journalist, and as part of several musical producer/live outfits – he has been able to share his musical passion with a wide and growing audience. Aron started to make a name for himself as co-founder and resident of the legendary Traffic and Mono nights in 2001. A keen ear for moving records and a reputation for moving dancefloors has brought him to festivals and clubs across the Netherlands, slowly becoming one of the country’s most respected underground deejays.

In 2005 Aron was able to combine his musical interests with his passion for writing. As a music journalist he first wrote for 3VOOR12, Holland’s leading e-zine for indie music. Then he worked two years for DJBroadcast, the country’s most important printed mag on electronic music. In 2008, having written spoken with and written about so many intriguing artists, he decided to dedicate more of his time on making his own music.

As a producer he had already worked with Julien Chaptal and Noah Pepper under the live/production-monniker Le Clic. After their debute Jack Is Whack (Wolfskuil 2006), they toured throughout the Netherlands with the three of them, with Aron as a co-producer and vocalist. Focusing more on their solo-projects, though, has proven to be quite a succes for the thre of them.

As a deejay, Aron was a bit bored with the Amsterdam scene for a while. Clinicalistic sounds seemed to have been taking over even the best of clubs. Luckily he found musical soulmates in people like Brent Roozendaal and Carlos Valdes. The three of them started the Crackhouse nights at Melkweg in 2006. Staging artists like Derrick Carter, Kerri Chandler and Orlando Voorn, they were able to pay hommage to the timelessness of unadulterous house and techno in its purest form.