Click 10 Years Anniversary

Westerunie 01-04-2017

Click 10 Years Anniversary

In a year full of explosive birthday celebrations to honor 10 years of CLICK, the upcoming April 1 edition in former homebase Westerunie is without hesitation one of the ultimate and eagerly awaited highlights. Both the imperial Westerunie and CLICK celebrating their 10 year anniversaries.

It was in Westerunie where a vast amount of CLICK’s most legendary parties were helt and from where CLICK erupted into the scene into a leading role in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and beyond. A role CLICK owns for a big part to Westerunie. One of Amsterdam’s most spectacular locations, showcasing now 10 years of unpretentious top quality partying.


Ruede Hagelstein
16 Bit Lolitas
Stefano Richetta